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I’ve just discovered Google Apps Script, and it is awesome

I’ve recently stumbled upon Google Apps Script, the Tools > Script Editor option available to certain Google web apps like Sheets. The name “Google Apps Script” is kinda weird and clunky in my opinion, so in this article I’ll refer to it as simply “the script editor”. One particular way in which I’ve been using […]

How to load libraries that depend on the jQuery dollar sign when using WordPress

WordPress has its own version of jQuery that you should use. It is generally advised to use the built-in WordPress version of jQuery instead of a different version. The WordPress version of jQuery removes all definitions of $ from the global scope, meaning, you have to type ‘jQuery’ instead of ‘$’ to use the jQuery […]

My thoughts on AWS since switching from my previous hosting provider

I’ve recently started using AWS for my website hosting. This website is hosted on AWS in fact. What is AWS? It stands for Amazon Web Services, which is essentially a collection of services provided by Amazon for building and hosting web applications. My website needs have been pretty small so far, but I’ve switched to […]

Should you use WordPress?

If you’re looking to start a website, WordPress may be a decent option. WordPress can usually fulfill just about any basic website need you might have, and it’s quite popular and well supported. You might be turned off by the fact that WordPress is written in PHP. I’ll admit, I was at first. I typically […]

Free and easy SSL with Certbot

There’s this cool website I discovered for getting totally free SSL certificates. It’s called It’s a free service where you can get set up with SSL certificates on your site. Of particular interest to me was the Certbot command-line tool which you can use to set up SSL relatively painlessly. You select your platform for […]

Problems using sendmail on AWS (among other things)

Recently I wanted to get e-mail sending capability set up on this website, which is hosted on an AWS instance. All I really need it for is the simple contact form I have on this site. My initial idea was to simply use sendmail as the e-mail sending program to give my website the ability […]

Using wget to grep through a website

Recently I needed to sift through a client’s website to figure out which media of theirs was used or unused. They had a lot of unused media which they wanted to get rid of, but they didn’t want to mistakenly delete something that was unknowingly being used somewhere. So, I had the idea to use […]

A problem I had with wp_enqueue_style not appearing to load any stylesheets

So I had a problem with wp_enqueue_style seemingly not loading any stylesheets! Arg! I spent 3 hours trying to figure this one out. When I would look at the page source of the site I was working on, I couldn’t find the stylesheet I had enqueued with wp_enqueue_style… anywhere. After three hours of taking shots […]